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Before & After

You met your photographer, you had some fun behind the camera, and think the magic has been created.

What happens after your photographer takes the pictures? Let me show you a little bit of what I do.


The vision is clear in my mind prior to editing. With this particular image, I knew that editing would require several details. 


The editing on this image is not necessary to most, but I personally strive to deliver a clean, distraction-free image. 


Your baby and their safety are our priority. Editing hands out may be a lengthy process but we are happy to do all the work and editing required to ensure the safe handling of your little one. 


When we are out taking photos, and people are enjoying their evening. They get in the way or we get in theirs. If it happens, we can remove people from the background. 

The Moment

Sometimes the perfect moment happens before we have a chance to move to a distraction-free area. 

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