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Meet your Photographer

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I'm Seydi - Owner of Sparkle Booth and Published Photographer of 14 years.

Raised in sunny California and am currently in Okinawa, Japan. I have always enjoyed writing and finding stories in everything. Photography has allowed me to tell a story that comes to life every time you look at the photographs. No matter how many years or how many people I have had the pleasure of working with, I get to tell a unique and special story every single time.

My love for photography began when I was just a child trying to figure out how this tiny piece of equipment (my digital camera) worked. I was convinced there had to be something magical inside and so I proceeded to open it up only to find wires and sensors that I couldn't make sense of. I started taking photography courses in high school and found myself looking at life through the lens. There was always a perfect moment, angle, or spot that had to be captured. ​

When it comes to capturing your unique and unforgettable moments while creating a fun and stress-free experience,
I'm your go-to Photographer. My goal is to make sure that everything is perfect for you. That means I'm fixing your hair in-between shots, showing you how to pose, organize, plan, and execute a thoroughly thought-out plan.
I take photographing you exceptionally seriously-I want the best experience for my clients. No matter how many sessions I complete, I understand just how important yours is to you. I come in ready to work and treat it as if it were my first session. 

You'd never know it, but I'm seamlessly managing timelines in-between, making you laugh in front of the camera and discreetly capturing the candidness that makes you. I love the technicalities that come with being a photographer, but the people I get to meet and interact with are nothing short of amazing. I love making people feel at ease and bringing out that contagious full-of-life smile. 

My job may begin behind the lens, but I dedicate much time to perfecting your photos. That photo you love so much, which has a stranger in the background, an exposed bra strap, or any other distractions, can easily be removed. I don't merely slap on a filter to your photos. The goal is to compliment your style and the mood of your session. 

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