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Warning, Boudoir Session Side Effects!

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Are you considering a boudoir session with Sparkle Boudoir?

It's a fantastic way to celebrate your confidence, embrace your beauty, and create stunning, intimate photographs. But watch out! There might be some unexpected and downright hilarious "side effects" that come along with this empowering experience.

Let me tell you something: the woman who walks into the studio is not the same woman who walks out. laugh with us, but know that some of this may be too relatable.

Here's a sneak peek at the laugh-out-loud consequences you might find yourself facing:

  1. Extreme Confidence Surge: You might be strutting down the grocery store aisle like it's your personal runway.

  2. Inexplicable Seductive Smirks: Your face might involuntarily default to a sultry look whenever you catch your reflection.

  3. Unpredictable Glamour Attacks: You could be caught posing dramatically in front of random reflective surfaces.

  4. Dangerously Smooth Conversations: People around you might be hypnotized by your newfound ability to deliver witty remarks with flawless elegance.

  5. Unexpected Mirror Selfies: Your phone's gallery could be bombarded with smoldering selfies that you'll be tempted to use as your screensaver.

  6. Fashion Frenzy: Shopping sprees for lingerie and fancy robes might become your new cardio.

  7. Strangers' Second Looks: Pedestrians might do a double-take, unsure if you're a famous model in disguise.

  8. Sudden Artistic Ambitions: You might be urged to express yourself through avant-garde interpretive dance.

  9. Magnetic Aura: People might find themselves drawn inexplicably to your magnetic charisma – caution: you could attract fans!

  10. Unrealistic Hair Flips: Your hair might develop a mind of its own, demanding to be tossed dramatically at least once every hour.

  11. Film Noir Fantasy: You may start imagining your life as a black-and-white detective movie, complete with dramatic monologues.

  12. Elevator Entrance Perfection: You'll be tempted to time your entrances into elevators for maximum impact.

  13. Glamorous Cooking Sessions: Your cooking might suddenly involve more flourishes and dust in the air.

  14. Bedroom Slipper Swagger: Walking around your house might become a grand affair with imaginary audience applause.

  15. Inexplicable Giggles: You might laugh seductively at the most mundane jokes.

  16. Mysterious Increase in Candle Usage: Your room might perpetually smell like a romantic getaway due to excessive candle burning.

  17. A New Theme Song: You could start hearing a sultry melody playing softly in your mind whenever you enter a room.

  18. Eternal Red Lipstick: Your lips might develop a permanent tint of bold red, defying all laws of fading lipstick.

  19. Sudden Selfie Pro: You learned to pose and can now snap firey pics!

  20. Warning! Pregnancy is possible! Many of our clients report back for a maternity session after their Boudoir ;)

Embrace the empowerment, beauty, and laughter that come with a boudoir photoshoot. Just remember, these side effects are all in good fun and not to be taken too seriously. While the photos may fade, the memories and the smiles will last forever. So go ahead and strike that pose – the world is your glamorous stage!


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