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Celebrating Local Women-Owned Small Businesses: Empowerment through Support

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

Supporting local women-owned small businesses has never been more important in today's rapidly evolving business landscape. As a female-run business owner, I understand mutual support's importance. These enterprises contribute to the local economy and represent the aspirations, hard work, and dedication of women entrepreneurs. By supporting these businesses, you are making a difference in your community and empowering women to achieve their dreams. So many of us have to up and move with starts and stops, and the challenges are unimaginable, but we do it because we love our careers, and our passion drives us to push.

Supporting local women-owned small businesses is not just about making a purchase; it's about making a statement. By patronizing these establishments, you're positively impacting the lives of women entrepreneurs, the community, and future generations. So, the next time you're looking for a café to unwind, a unique boutique to shop, or a spa to relax, consider exploring the wonderful women-owned businesses in your neighborhood. Your support can create a ripple effect of empowerment and change, making your community an even better place to live and thrive.

I have used these services personally and believe in them 100%. These women offer the support I need, and they can do the same for you!


Highlighting Remarkable Women-Owned Businesses in Our Community:

Make-Up Artists :

Check out our wonderful Artists! They are uniquely talented.

Make-Up is Art

Make-Up is Passion

Make-up is Expression


Endless Beauty By Julie: Your one-stop self-care business.

19+ years of beauty experience- currently located in Okinawa, Japan

Julie doesn't just offer a service; she offers an experience that offers a safe space to be yourself and relax. From nails to lashes to brows, she will have you looking amazing but more so feeling it! I never made time for myself; it wasn't a priority between work, family, and life. Then I met Julie, and now I look forward to the break and the incredible feeling I get from sitting on her chair and talking about business, family, and all the little things that make us happy. This is the epitome of women supporting women, and I love it!


Team Thrive Athletics: Team Thrive Athletics is a performance-based team specializing in competitive bodybuilding and physique transformations. We use physique training and nutrition coaching as avenues to create experiences that affect physical change and change through all aspects of our clients’ lives.

With full-time work and thousands of information online, it can be overwhelming; Kristin, Emily, and Kiana will walk you through every question and every up and down you endure in your journey. It isn't just your average workout subscription; These are specialized fitness and nutrition experts. It isn't a quick fix but a lifestyle change customized to help you THRIVE.

"Our mission is to provide sustainable practices that optimize female performance & physiques, one woman at a time.


GLOWinOKI: "One Candle loses nothing by lighting another candle."

"My hope is that with every glow candle, you find natsukashii - nostalgia - the joy and gratitude of fond memories, the feeling of place a scent can transport you to instantly, and the love that surrounds you every day. " - Jennifer

I have always disliked candles with tons of chemicals and the gross residue they left in my home. With small children and pets, I chose not to purchase candles anymore. UNTIL... I discovered GlowinOki and their candles gave me soothing scents with gorgeous vases. This has become a regular use in our home and studio. Visit them at the Fleet Shop on Shields, or if you're leaving the island, check them out online. THEY SHIP!



We empower people to express themselves through personal style. We believe everyone deserves the opportunity to show their individuality and personality through fashion choices.

We strive to create jewelry that is not only beautiful but also meaningful, allowing people to make a personal connection with each piece. We believe that jewelry should be accessible to everyone, regardless of budget, and we are committed to providing affordable options. - Frida, Denmark & Weronika, Okinawa"


MARY TI : Lingerie for you

Currently in Okinawa, Mary Ti hand makes gorgeous pieces, custom sewn to fit your perfectly.

Some of our pieces come from this incredible creator; her curve-hugging, shape-flattering pieces are gold! Finding the right lingerie online can be overwhelming and disappointing at times. Being on this island means not being able to try pieces on to see if they fit; Mary Ti will ensure that each stitch is sewn to fit your gorgeous body perfectly. Treat yourself; you deserve it! Our top package includes your very own custom set.


Beautiful Darlings "You dream it, she stiches it!"

modern cross-stitch portraits

Oh, my heart! I never even knew such a creative way to tell a story existed. I am obsessed with every stitch and every detail of this incredibly talented creator. When I saw this, I could not believe my eyes. Order yours while she is still in Oki!


Lidy Esthetician: “Esthetician: Beauty Magician”

Lidy specializes in Facial treatment, Post-op Lymphatic Drainage and is certified for Botox injections.

With many years of experience, Lidy will have you taking care of your skin like never before. She truly is a magician. Check her out online and book your appointment.


Angel's Closet" Dive into Elegance"

Your Passage to Glamour Awaits in Angel's, Closet.

Need a rental for a photoshoot, event or a night of glamour?

Step into a world of opulent choices and timeless allure. Her closet is a treasure trove of exquisite outfits that speak to your unique style and celebrate your inner radiance, from delicate lace to bold statements. Every piece tells a story! Check her unique dresses out!


Stardusty Thaly "Oh, my lash!"

Im not one to wear makeup or be extra, but after trying several lash techs, I finally found her and can say she is an expert in her trait. She knew exactly what I needed, and I felt at ease with her suggestions. If you’re on the fence, try her out. You won’t regret it.


The Power of Supporting Women-Owned Businesses: (Click On photos to visit online)

  • Economic Empowerment: When you spend your dollars at a local women-owned business, you are directly contributing to women's economic empowerment in your community. These businesses create jobs, stimulate economic growth, and provide women with opportunities to achieve financial independence.

  • Fostering Innovation: Women entrepreneurs often bring unique perspectives and ideas. By supporting women-owned businesses, you are helping to foster a diverse and innovative business landscape that benefits everyone.

  • Building Stronger Communities: Local women-owned businesses are often deeply connected to their community. When you support these businesses, you're helping to create a sense of belonging and connection, strengthening your neighborhood's social fabric.

  • Inspiring Future Generations: When young girls and aspiring entrepreneurs see successful women-owned businesses thriving in their community, they are inspired to dream big and pursue their entrepreneurial ambitions.


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